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After a successful career in mainly senior level global agency roles, first as a designer, then art director leading national TV and campaigns in New York, I topped it off with a Luxury focused MBA. With marketing and business skills, I then guided Geneva multinational clients on using design to solve their business problems.
To get the very best in branding or visual campaigns, we analyze the business problem together, my team offers solutions, and then see it through to execution and deployment. I will personally bring together, coordinate, and oversee the brightest talents ensuring you get global agency quality work. I am with you all the way.

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Skamser La Force Creative


These are just some of the brands, businesses and individuals that have put their confidence in in me.
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All of us united in Geneva, some homegrown and others bringing international experience representing New York, Geneva, Singapore, Soeul, and Mumbai.
We are highly competent creatives and marketers bringing true diversity in our approach, techniques and ideas while still focusing on a common goal.
Let’s work together to create something special!



Hybrid Creative / Marketing Mind



Global Creative Director



Video, Moving Image and App Pro

What we do

Below is a brief overview of our various services. But we can do SO MUCH MORE! Contact us to discuss more about your specific needs.

Creative Campaign Consulting

Need a great idea to promote your product but don’t know where to begin. I guide you from creative strategy, to negotiating with agencies or vendors, through creation, to successful deployment and beyond.

Brand Identity

Need to build trust equity?
Let us create a unique brand identity and assets library to your distinct strategy so you stand out in the crowded market and communicate the coherent brand expression you intend.

Digital Content

You have a digital presence and now you need a universe of fresh, creative content, videos and posts to communicate your brand’s products, services or offers.
Let us make you shine online!



Maybe it’s time to consider a digital transformation or a brand re-fresh… in order
to save time and money,
you need a plan!
Full audit, analysis, target and launch strategy.

Web Design

Whether you need a small, block-editor website or a complicated e-commerce site, we’re here, in Geneva,
to make it happen.

Video and image production

No digital content strategy is complete without super engaging videos and lots of gorgeous imagery.
Let us show you how!

Business-Minded Designer

Designers more and more influence the future of business. It’s proven that companies that invest in design, as well as digital-first companies outperform their peers and deliver better, customer centric experiences and products.

For some time, there has been a misconception that design is akin to simple page layout or nice color choices. But times have changed, design has evolved greatly, and now design strategists, like myself, are able to look a multitude of facets of data to find unlikely solutions. Business-minded designers, are able to connect visual trends, consumer insights, business needs, and translate them into tangible business results. With strong cross-functional team and organizational understanding as well as excellent process-management and project management skills, I can also apply design thinking to NPD – the missing link that brings consumer delight!

To begin with, I am a talented artist that also has a MBA focusing on Luxury Marketing from the top French business school, ESSEC where I graduated with honors. I have studied everything from Marketing, to Retail Design, Customer Journey, and Service Design to International Business Strategy and Finance. That’s the career development I chose based on my interests and the evolving business needs I witnessed working in global agencies.

As a “Creative”, my initial passions began with design as a way to problem solve. I graduated top of my class with a BFA (5 years) in Communication Arts and Design, from Tyler School of Art, at Temple University in Philadelphia. During my BFA I was lucky enough to also spend 7 months studying Art History throughout Italy. Just after, I spent a nearly a decade in New York city working full-time for boutique design agencies and then global digital and advertising agencies. With sweat, grit, a good reputation and lots of great contacts, I parlayed my career into independent contracts for two years before moving to Geneva.

While in New York, I began teaching as an assistant at Parsons School of Art, New York. More recently, I have continued my love of teaching by working for the DIP, public education system in Geneva, at the Cycle and CFC level (15 yo and up). Since I loved the experience, I continued teaching Luxury Marketing and Business English for the Institute Superior de Gestion, ISG Luxury Bachelors in central Geneva. You can see more about that by clicking here.

This is why I love to consult on an array of areas including business development. Equally, I can show you how to coherently apply strategic design thinking to your business. Plus, I’d be thrilled to actually execute it all for you. Yes, it’s exciting!!
Don’t hesitate to contact me and discuss how I can help your business shine.

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