Art Direction & Visual Strategy

EpiPen Campaign

This EpiPen national campaign focused on the consumer-centric experience of parents of children with severe allergies… “Every Second Counts” in acting with an EpiPen and medical attention.  The timeline visual device with the key messaging touched them and proved to be the winning concept. Imperative that the ads were page stoppers, they proved themselves in market testing and focus groups. The concept was then expanded to four key targets as well as a national 360° marketing campaign.
From the strong concept of the print (with photoshoot), I created a :60 TV spot (including all facets of creation) and then expanded the campaign to awareness, retention and loyalty CRM programs including all support materials and digital. This award winning national campaign successfully grew awareness of the brand and it’s benefits more than 60% the following year.


EpiPen, USA National Campaign


360° Marketing Campaign
TV spot
Art Direction & Design
Campaign Direction
CRM & MarComms
Key Message
Campaign Brand Assets

EpiPen TV frame - Timeline
EpiPen TV symptoms erase
EpiPen TV Closing Frame
EpiPen TV storyboard
EpiPen seafood allergy target print ad
EpiPen Bee-child target Print Ad
EpiPen Nut Print Ad

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